Smooth Operator Beard Bundle

  • Joy Moy® Organic Beard Balm – 2oz. | 60g 

This organic beard bundle smells so sexy and nourishes so neatly, it can only be named Smooth Operator.

3 Piece set contains:

  • Joy Moy® Organic Beard Balm – 2oz. | 60g
  • Joy Moy® Organic Beard Oil – 1 fl. oz. | 30ml
  • Joy Moy® Organic Beard Wash – 2oz. | 60ml

Smooth Operator is a sweet, light musk created from cedarwood, rosemary, tea tree oil and lavender added to grapeseed oil and shea butter makes the grooming experience a delight for the skin and the senses. Beard balm is best used for styling and moisturizing any man mane and the skin underneath.

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